Bullying and How I Stood up to a Bully

How I Faced Down a Bully and Lived to Tell the Tale
I'm relatively non-confrontational by nature. I generally ignore negative behavior. But there are a few situations in which ingoring is not the best policy, like when students are put at risk in a classroom.
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Jealousy and Emotional Health in Relationships

Is Jealousy a Healthy Emotion for Relationships?
I've heard many people say that 'a healthy relationship should have no jealousy', or 'modern relationships should be open'. I'm going to debunk this myth right now. Jealousy is healthy emotion and has it's place in relationships.
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Relationship Issues: Texting the Opposite Sex in a Relationship

Relationship Issues--Can I Still Text and Call Opposite Gender Friends If I Am in a Relationship?
Cell phones with text messaging are very useful. Text messaging is easy, quick and harmless, right? But what if you are in a serious relationship? Is it okay to text or talk with opposite gender friends?
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