Kate Gosselin feels sad but justified excluding Collin Gosselin from his birthday party

The more I think about how reality TV mom Kate Gosselin is handling her supposedly special needs son Collin Gosselin, the madder I get. You've heard of kids being excluded from other children's birthday celebrations? Well, Gosselin didn't invite her son Collin to his own birthday party. The Nov. 29 episode of TLC show "Kate Plus 8" showed the sextuplets' lavish birthday bash minus one sextuplet (Collin) who's in some kind of behavior therapy. Mom says she's sorry for herself and Collin's siblings that he couldn't attend his party but says it's best for everyone. This woman needs to do some serious growing up because excluding a child from the family is the worst thing she could do. No matter what he has done, it will not be helped by Draconian measures like this. He is a child with a child's understanding. Very likely all he did was to behave like a normal tween and question his mom. This just smacks of power struggle on Kate's part because this child is the squeaky wheel. Kate Gosselin feels sad but justified excluding Collin Gosselin from his birthday party

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