Healthy Grieving and Coping with Loss Patterns

Healthy Grieving and Coping with Loss Patterns A friend who lost the love of her life shared recently that she had no idea that grief could be so pervasive or take so long to heal. I hold a degree in psychology and have grief counseling experience--none of that prepared me for the horrific and sickening vacuum that loss of a loved one left in my soul. Here are thoughts about coping with loss and helping others heal from their grief, collected from numerous personal grief experiences along with walking with friends on the healing journey. Read on...

Self Help Tricks, Mental Health Tips to Quit Antidepressants

Self Help Tricks, Mental Health Tips to Quit Antidepressants For seven years, I took Paxil (paroxetine) to relieve anxiety and depression. I began to put on an alarming amount weight and with extended use, the antidepressant didn't work as well, either. I decided to quit. I have been antidepressant-free for 16 months. Here are self-help tips and mental health strategies for quitting SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). Some of these tips may fly in the face of conventional medical thinking, but I recommend them because they worked for me. I would also add another, that I remembered after writing this: journal your progress. Do your mental health homework. If you have bad days, don't worry. It happens. It's like the Rodney Atkins song says "If you're going through hell, keep on going, don't slow down. If you're scared, don't show it. You might get out before the devil even knows you're there." When you quit antidepressants, some days will feel like hell. But there were days I felt like hell even with the drugs. Those days don't last forever and they get fewer and farther between. If you can't or don't want to quit, don't beat yourself up. Some people need these meds. Some antidepressants are more effective with fewer side effects, too. I just found my life better without the Paxil. Read on...

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