Weight Loss, Mental Health Tips for Long Term Dieting

I have been working to lose 100 pounds put on over the last 10 years. I lost two stillborn babies, got depressed and sick and took an antidepressant. That didn't help depression but did make me gain a lot of weight. I've gotten about 90 pounds off but it's taken a long time. That's because I didn't cheat and use trendy diets or surgery. I changed my lifestyle. Here are some tips on how I lost weight.   Weight Loss Tips for Long Term Dieting

So You Fall Off the Diet Wagon Over the Holidays?

I have lost 93 pounds and am sharing How-I-lost-weight in a Diet-tip-of-the-day post. I listed a bunch of diet-friendly Thanksgiving dinner recipes. I was planning to make separate low calorie alternatives for myself. But the bathroom remodel took longer than expected, the house is still in disarray and I didn't have time or space to cook as planned. And I was sick of dieting. So I chose to enjoy the holiday feast. Here's why that's an emotionally and physically healthy choice. So I Fell Off the Diet Wagon Over Thanksgiving

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