Dealing with Workplace Drama, When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up

I read a lot of job applications and two things prospective employers claim to be looking for are "team players" and "self-starters." Both of which are logical fallacies in the real world of work.

My husband has been navigating workplace drama, specifically with one coworker we'll call "Fanny" (she's a pain in the backside). Husband works maintenance and she's a machine operator. His job is to fix the machines. She thinks he is her personal lackey.  Employers Do Not Understand Team Players and Self-Starters

Making Health Insurance, Affordable Care Act Pay

Let's hear it for Obamacare! Finally, people who have never had insurance will be able to get coverage. Opponents are nitpicking at the Affordable Care Act, saying it's expensive, can't choose doctors, forced to switch doctors. Just propaganda from those with a vested interest in keeping us uninsured and paying more for care. So let's start unpacking the ACA. Now that you have coverage, how can you make it work for you? Read onMaking Health Insurance, Affordable Care Act Pay

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