Catmeister Scooter--Lord of all he surveys and Doesn't

I am not one of those crazy cat ladies (I am NOT), but I fear my husband is becoming one. You've heard the expression "dogs have owners but cats have staff?" My husband calls himself our cat Scooter's bit--, um servant. He buys the litter, changes the box, buys the cat food (only a certain kind will do for His Nibs). Hubs (Albert) informs me there's a certain ritual (bonding, not mating) for feeding. Scooter must have a "full body, nose to tail tip" massage (yes, Alb describes it like that). That's the dry cat food part. For the moist, I must feed it (minced on a small glass plate, please). Then dad must give the cat milk (I know, not good for kitties, yada yada--try telling that to Catmeister and his love slave). So we compromise. Dad gives him a small splash of lowfat.   Catmeister Scooter--Lord of all he surveys

Work at Home Does Not Mean Available 24-7, Set Boundaries

I always say "the best part of working at home is being home. It's also the worst part." That's only partially facetious. Because some people just don't get (or accept) that work at home means WORK. They think "She's home. Aka, she's not busy. Aka, I can stop over or call." Some even have the gall to do so at their convenience.

One always says, "I was in the neighborhood." Bad enough you're pestering me. But to drop by unannounced because it works for you? You accord more courtesy to social engagements--schedule, plan, call ahead. The one I have the most trouble with doesn't work. She has endless time and little to do. But I would never have dreamed of going to her place of employment to pester her.  Work at Home Does Not Mean Available 24-7, Set Boundaries

Menopause-Depression-Anxiety Hormone Connection

I started writing a series on panic attacks after I found how many people had experienced and wanted to discuss them. As part of that series, I'm looking at health conditions that affect or cause anxiety. And a biggie is menopause. Here's how.

In menopause, hormones get gradually stripped from a woman's system. Gone are the neutralizing estrogen and prolactin (the breast-feeding hormone, which by golly I miss). Those hormones affect feelings of well-being, balance, peace. During the menstrual cycle, they temporarily deplete and then build back up after menstruation occurs. Ahem, guys, that's why we gals get so cuddly and happy when the dam finally breaks. Our hormone well is filling back up.   Menopause-Depression-Anxiety Hormone Connection

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