Create a Memory Garden

Plant a Memory Garden for Earth Day or Memorial Day
Facilitate the healing process by creating a memory garden. Nurture a grieving soul as you tend the earth. Access your grief and channel into a living keepsake for your loved. Step by step guide to create a memory garden. Easy, inexpensive and beautiful.
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Does Spanking Hurt Children? Does Spanking Hurt Parents?

Is Spanking Bad for Children?
A mostly factual, somewhat comical, generally practical look at the fine art of spanking, children that is.
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Spanking Children Debate

Is Spanking Bad for Children?
A mostly factual, somewhat comical, generally practical look at the fine art of spanking children. Does spanking hurt parents more than children?
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Self Care Basics--Nutrition, Sleep, Alternative Medicine

Self-Care Basics: Ways to Stay Sane and Healthy
Emotional health requires health emotional practices. Self-care is an essential emotional health tool. What does it mean to take care of yourself? Self-care looks a little different for each person. Here are basic tools and skills for self-care.
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Thoughts About Happiness

Relationships, Having Fun, Cats, Sweating and Small Stuff
thoughts on how self confidence, choosing battles, carpe diem, grieving and joy!
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PMS Diet for Emotional Health

PMS Diet-- What You Eat and Don't Eat Can Control Premenstrual Syndrome
PMS can be managed with some mindful dietary choices. What you eat and don't eat will help you to feel more comfortable during the difficulty of Premenstrual Syndrome.
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How to Stand Up for Yourself to a Bully

How to Stand Up to a Bully
We know that bullying is a sign of insecurity on the bully's part. But to the victim, bullies don't seem insecure; they seem like a nightmare. If you are dealing with a would-be bully, here is a proactive guide to take that bully by the horns and get him out of your path.
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