Nevada School Shooting Prompts Bullying Discussion

Another school shooting, this time in Nevada. A 12-year-old shot a teacher and injured several students. Some reports say the act was revenge for bullying. Where is all this violence coming from? Who bullies? Where do kids bully? From 30 years teaching--every age, grade, school structure and background--here's what I've found. The answers might surprise you. They would definitely surprise bullied kids. Nevada School Shooting Prompts Bullying Debate--Bully Profile Might Surprise Bullied Kids

Plus-Minus Inventory for Mental Health

I got notification that a site I write for wants me to pick up another beat, which is similar to one I already write. I'm grateful for the opportunity and that they appear to like my articles. But I'm also torn. So I'm going to do a PMI--a plus minus inventory. I used this with special needs students in decision-making lessons. It's like a pros and cons list. It's a helpful flow chart to coordinate data and impressions in making an important choice.   New Writing Opportunity, My Plus-Minus Inventory

Self Doubt, Second Guessing Be Gone! I Don't Want to Know You

I'm not always sure how I come across or how I appear to others. But on the inside, I am a bundle of insecurities and fears. I wrestle with these demons every day, with more or less success.

Self-doubt is a frequent flyer through the passages of my mind. I don't think it's paranoia. I don't suspect people of dark designs or think I deserve things I'm not getting. The terrorist lives inside me. She is an implacable, sometimes cruel, autocrat that never allows me to feel satisfaction for doing a good thing. That's expected. But she's all over me if I foul up. She can get me so twisted around that I can't judge a mountain from a molehill.   Do You Know What I Mean? Does That Make Sense?

How I Tame Menopause Irritability, Heart Palpitations Without Hurting Anyone (lol)

I am in menopause. No that doesn't mean I'm taking a break from men. Darn. I'm KIDDING. Really. But seriously, as nice as that might sound to you who are dealing with periods to be rid of them, menopause ain't for sissies. I have no feel-good hormones to battle irritability, depression, moodiness. I have to "fake it till I make it." Here's how I tame the heart palpitations, irritability and jitteriness of menopause without hurting anyone! Because if I don't calm my nerves, I feel liking ripping everyone's head off on a moment by moment basis. It's like having PMS 24-7. And guys, pay attention. More than likely you've got a female in your life. You're going to need to know how to cope and  help her. The days of women suffering alone in silence are done. We expect support and I know you'll rise to the occasion and give it! How I Tame Menopause Heart Palpitations, Jitteriness

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