Work at Home, Set and Police Your Boundaries

The best and worst part of working at home is you're always home. Oxymoron? Yes. Dilemma? Yes. You're available 24-7, which is good for others. For you, not so much. My youngest son put it well--"Mom, you don't work at home, you live at work." If you work at home, it is essential to learn to set and maintain boundaries with family, interruptions, schedule.   Work at Home, Set and Police Boundaries

Avoid Steroidal DHEA Weight Loss Supplement with Testosterone

I’ve been dieting and lost 96 pounds. I use herbal and fruit supplements recommended by Dr. Oz, or another trusted source. I’d heard of DHEA and found it in the Meijer and Sundown Naturals vitamins. So it was FDA approved. It was labeled as helping metabolize sugar. It made me angry, jittery and aggressive. So I advise you to Stay Away from Steroidal DHEA Weight Loss Supplement

The Horrible R Word and Myths About Down Syndrome

I'm mostly a live and let live person. But when I hear people use derogatory slurs against people with Down Syndrome, I get steamed. If I ever hear someone use the r-word (I can't even bring myself to type it) they will get an earful from me.

I'm a certified teacher endorsed in EI (emotional impairment) and CI (cognitive impairment) special education. CI includes Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21, also called mental retardation and developmentally disabled). I've taught many CI students. As a teen, I lived in and helped manage a group home for developmentally disabled adults. There are myths about Down Syndrome that need dispelling. I am going to do that, plus share caregiver tips.  Myths About Children With Down Syndrome Plus Caregiver Tips 

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