Acknowledge Burnout Before It Consumes You

I don't do balance well. My MO is to ignore exhaustion or displace with more work. It scares me not to be busy. So I don't let myself experience burnout, rest and move on. Our oldest daughter flew up from Louisiana for a our youngest daughter's 16th birthday. Our oldest son came in from Detroit with his girlfriend. It was his b-day too, but he came to see his sister.   I Think I Need to Acknowledge Burnout

To Lose Weight, Maintain Relationships, Feel Better, Abandon Calorie Counting Sometimes

I'm going out to dinner with my husband tonight. He has to work another six-day week (nights) and may be working seven nights a week again (why do they not hire a new person when someone quits??) And I am on a diet. 96 pounds gone, woo hoo! But sometimes, all that calorie counting, denying myself gets tedious. So I take breaks from calorie counting when we go out to dinner. I mean I still watch what I eat. But not so obviously. It's annoying to be on a date with someone who is always preaching diet, or food allergies or gluten-free, or vegan. My relationship is important to me too. So when I am lucky enough to get a night with husband, I don't rub the diet in his face. And you know what? I feel better and it doesn't derail my weight loss a bit.   Diet Tip Abandon the Diet Sometimes

I Lost 93 Pounds With Little Diet, Habit Changes

I've lost 93 pounds. (Left Feb 2014, right Feb 2011). I put on 100 pounds after losing two stillborn babies and taking antidepressants. People ask how I did it and I say not in big, invasive ways (surgery, drugs) but with little habit changes. Here are 14 easy tweaks I made to help me lose.  How I Lost 93 Pounds With Little Diet Changes

Melatonin Helps Sleep Problems, But It Is Not for Children

 I have sleep apnea, arthritis, carpal tunnel, scoliosis and tendinitis. I'm in menopause. So sleep is often difficult. My CPAP (breathing mask) helps, but presents problems of its own. I won't take sleep medication, but I've been exploring herbal supplements.  Melatonin Helps Sleep Problems, But Is Not for Children 

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