Emotional Health Help: When Not 'Bite your Tongue'

Emotional Health Help: When Not to Bite Your Tongue and How to Fight Back Without Getting Toxic
I've always said, 'write when you are passionate about an issue, even and especially if the passion is anger.' Sometimes in anger, it's best to 'bite your tongue'; sometimes a good, non-toxic tongue-lashing is necessary.
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Toxic Emotions vs. Healthy Expression of Emotions

Emotional Health Help: Toxic Emotions vs. Healthy Anger
Anger is a healthy emotion when we don't try to squash the feeling. Trying remain permanently calm and never show anger often leads to toxic anger. This guide differentiates between healthy and toxic anger.
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Grand Haven/Holland, Michigan Named 2nd Happiest City

USA Today Reports '10 Happiest Cities'
According to USA Today, the Gallop-Healthwise Well-Being Index has named the 'Ten Happiest Cities in the USA', and my lil ole hometown of Grand Haven, Michigan placed 2nd of ten happiest cities.
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Emotional Health Benefits of Yoga in School Classrooms

Yoga in School Classroom-- Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
In school classrooms, we often put the cart before the horse. Before we can educate a child's mind we must tend to his bodily needs. A tired, hungry, uncomfortable child does not learn well. Using yoga stretching fosters learning.
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Corey Haim 'Lost Boys' Actor Dead at 38 from Suspected Drug Overdose

'Lost Boys' Star Corey Haim Dead at 38: Another Child Star Struggling to Adjust to Adulthood?
March 10, 2010 teen star Corey Haim, of 1980s vampire series 'The Lost Boys', was found dead in his Oakland, CA apartment. Haim was 38 years old. St. Joseph's Medical Center reported that cause of death is unknown but drug overdose is suspected.
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Dating, Relationships, Communication: Avoid Rhetorical, Opinionated Questioning

Communication, Dating and Relationships; The Dangers of Subjective, Rhetorical Questioning
Dating is like sailing a boat: it's lots of fun when skies are clear, but darn near impossible when storms brew. In order to avoid relationship storms, it's important to keep communication clear. Questioning each other breaks down communication.
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Communication, Relationships and Getting Along: Quit Second-Guessing Each Other

Communication, Dating and Relationships: Avoid Second Guessing Each Other
Dating is like golfing; lots of lush, greens to enjoy, if you can avoid the sand traps. Communication in relationships presents some of the trickiest sand pits to navigate. One of the big communication 'sand pits' is second guessing each other.
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