Emotional Health Help: Post-Holiday Letdown DIY Therapy

Post Holiday Let-Down: Emergency First Aid Kit
Before the holiday we work frenetically to gear up for that holiday climax and when the rush is over, there's a certain let-down. How can you counteract that post holiday depression? By being prepared for it.
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Emotional Health Help: The Anti-Depressant Diet

Emotional Health Help: Diet and Nutrition Vs. Anti-Depressant Drugs
Over 50% of Americans take some form of prescribed anti-depressant drug. Anti-depressants can be helpful in treating depression, but there is a larger, oft-overlooked piece to solving the depression puzzle. Diet and nutrition.
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Emotional Health Help: Coping with 'Damsel in Distress' Syndrome

Emotional Health Help: Coping Strategies for Dealing with the Damsel in Distress
You can always spot the damsel in distress. She's wrings her hands imploring; but when you've taken pity, she casts an imperious, critical eye over what you've done and declares it 'not quite right'. Don't let this Needy Nora fool you.
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Fort Hood Shootings; Gunman Identified as Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan

Shooting Rampage at Texas Fort Hood Army Base; 12 Dead, 31 Wounded
Nov. 4, 2009 Fort Hood Army Base in Texas: At 1:30 pm, several soldiers went on a shooting rampage in the Soldier Rating and Processing Center which left 12 persons dead including gunman Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan and 31 wounded.
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Patrick Swayze Passes Away at 57

Patrick Swayze, 57, Deceased September 14, 2009
Actor Patrick Swayze, best known for his roles in Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Roadhouse, Point Break and The Outsiders has ended his long battle with pancreatic cancer. Swayze passed away Monday September 14, 2009.
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Kanye West, Taylor Swift VMA

Kanye West and Taylor Swift: Did He Ruin Her VMA Award Speech?
Kanye West is a known loudmouth. But when West jumped onstage and grabbed the microphone out of Taylor Swift's hand during her acceptance speech for best female vocalist video at the VMA, he reckoned with the wrong girl
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Sen. Joe 'You Lie' Wilson and Loudmouth Kanye West

Senator Joe Wilson and Kanye West Have a Lot in Common
This seems to be the week for buffoonery. After writing my diatribe about Kanye West harassing Taylor Swift, I realized that in light of Sen. Joe Wilson's (R-SC) behavior last week, I'm not surprised.
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Senator Edward 'Ted' Kennedy Dead at 77

Senator Edward Kennedy Dies of Brain Cancer at 77
Just two weeks since the passing of his sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Senator Edward 'Ted' Kennedy (D-Massachusetts, youngest Kennedy child, followed. Sen. Kennedy, 77, succumbed to brain cancer on August 25,2009.
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Saying Goodbye to Karl Malden

Actor Karl Malden Dies at 97
Mladen Sekluovich, better known to world as Karl Malden, passed away July 1, 2009 at the age of 97. 'Streets of San Francisco' may be Karl Malden's best remembered role, but he had a string of superb performances to his credit.
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Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Have Lost Children

Top 10 Gifts to Give a Mom Who Has Lost a Child
Your friend or relative has lost a child; how can you remember her on Mother's Day without adding to the hurt? First, know that any act of rememberance or kindness is good. Mother's Day gift suggestions for moms who have lost children: ideas come from my own past personal experience with the lost of two babies. Also ideas from friends who have lost children.
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Emotional Self Help Recommended Reading

10 Emotional Self Help Books
Are you struggling with emotional issues: fear, anger, shame, low self esteem, depression, grief, abuse, addiction, or betrayal? Here is my recommended reading list of authors and books on emotional healing. Bibliotherapy has saved my sanity and emotional health many a time...
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Emotional Health and Body Image Issues

Most of us ladies would say we want to lose a little or a lot of weight. Well, until that time comes, if it does, remember the Golden Rule: Love your neighber as yourself. Many of us are pretty good at the loving the neighbor part. We have plus-size hearts to go with the body. There isn't anything we wouldn't do for a friend and often even an enemy. We know about being generous, kind and loving (maybe too well). But the loving yourself, that's just a mite trickier. For all us who are plus size at loving others and Size zero at loving ourselves, I've tweaked the golden rule a little to read like this 'Do unto yourself as you would do unto others.'

Look at the luxurious curves on the Janes (Mansfield and Russel). The divas of yesteryear were no twiggy size 3; These gorgeous gals were curvaceous and big! Here is a clothing guide that will walk you through the often unpleasant task of selecting plus-sized clothing and still preserving a positive attitude about yourself. Read on...

Emotional Health Help from Television Shows

Parenting Tips I Learned from TV Shows
The Waltons TV show helped me through the early years of parenting. In my third decade of parenting, I use the lessons I learned from Archie and Edith Bunker in All in the Family! Lighter life lessons and emotional health help from the armchair.
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Panic Attacks--Symptoms, Coping Skills, Triggers, Healing

Seven years ago, I discovered by accident that I suffer from chronic, undifferentiated panic attacks. After dropping my older children at a nearby church for their violin lessons, I was visited by a horrific sense of impending doom. I felt an acute sense of worthlessness, powerlessness and despair. I felt nauseous, shaky and broke out in a cold sweat. If I'd had the means, I might have ended it right then and there, even though our youngest was in the van with me. Here's how I learned to recognize triggers of panic attacks, understand symptoms and cope with episodes. Emotional health help for sufferers of panic attacks and fight or flight response. Click here...

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