Emotional Health and Body Image Issues

Most of us ladies would say we want to lose a little or a lot of weight. Well, until that time comes, if it does, remember the Golden Rule: Love your neighber as yourself. Many of us are pretty good at the loving the neighbor part. We have plus-size hearts to go with the body. There isn't anything we wouldn't do for a friend and often even an enemy. We know about being generous, kind and loving (maybe too well). But the loving yourself, that's just a mite trickier. For all us who are plus size at loving others and Size zero at loving ourselves, I've tweaked the golden rule a little to read like this 'Do unto yourself as you would do unto others.'

Look at the luxurious curves on the Janes (Mansfield and Russel). The divas of yesteryear were no twiggy size 3; These gorgeous gals were curvaceous and big! Here is a clothing guide that will walk you through the often unpleasant task of selecting plus-sized clothing and still preserving a positive attitude about yourself. Read on...

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