Kate Hudson, Chaz Bono, How Parents Can Hurt or Help Kids

Kate Hudson, Chaz Bono: A Tale of Two Celeb Kids and Their Parents Kate Hudson and Chaz Bono: two celebrities with little in common except parents making news about their kids. Kate's estranged dad Bill Hudson came out with a tell-all book calling her a "spoiled brat." Transgender Chaz Bono's mom Cher, on the other hand, is supporting him on DWTS.
Parents have a lot of control over their kids emotions, even adult kids. What might be blown off from another adult, hurts deeply if it comes from mom or dad. Even if kids know that mom or dad isn't emotionally healthy, their actions are still hurtful. Let's look at these two celebs and see what can be learned about helping or hurting. Read on...

Antidepressants Reduce Cancer, Alzheimer's but Increase Obesity, Diabetes Risk

Antidepressants Reduce Cancer, Alzheimer's but Increase Obesity, Diabetes Risk Antidepressants are making headlines in several ways. Tricyclic drugs have been shown to cut the risk of bowel and brain cancer. Antidepressants may also combat Alzheimer's disease. Antidepressants are linked to weight gain, liver problems and Type 2 diabetes, however. Read more...

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