Emotional Health and Communication: Don't Be Ashamed of PMS

Womens' Health Help: Don't Be Ashamed of Pre-Menstrual Syndome
How many times do family members complain "my wife/mom is so grouchy when she has PMS?" Women even berate themselves for being grouchy during PMS. I say embrace your pre-menstrual syndrome.
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Amy Bishop University of Alabama Professor Shoots 6

University of Alabama Huntsville Professor Amy Bishop, Denied Tenure, Shoots 6, Kills 3 Has History of Violence
Amy Bishop, professor of biology at the University of Alabama, Huntsville has been and charged with capitol murder in the shooting of three colleagues at a faculty meeting Friday. Professor Bishop has a career pockmarked with violence.
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Dating and Relationships--Don't Criticize or Compare Each Other's Families

Dating and Relationship Issues--Avoid Family Criticism and Comparison
Family interaction can be a big issue in new relationships. Depending upon the ages and family structure of both partners, family may play a key role, positively or negatively, in relationships. How can couples interact positively within their families?
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Mel Gibson 'Edge of Darkness' Curses WGN Reporter

Mel Gibson 'Edge of Darkness' WGN Interview: Foul Language and Obnoxious Behavior
Mel Gibson is at it again. In a two minute interview with WGN reporter Dean Richards, Gibson manages to be obnoxious, foul-mouthed and belittling. Gibson comes out as a staunch Catholic;a Catholic myself, I'm ashamed of Gibson's behavior.
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Emotional Health and Grieving the Loss of a Pet

Emotional Health Help: Grieving the Death or Loss of a Pet
When your beloved pet dies, what are the first words you hear well-meaning friends utter? "Get a new pet! You'll feel so much better!" But I retort with a resounding, 'No!' Give yourself some time and practice these healing tips
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