Why Won't He Propose Marriage? Relationship Tips for Brides-Hopeful

Ladies, is your man taking his sweet time popping the question? It's discouraging to brides-hopeful, to wait on grooms-reluctant to propose marriage. Here are reasons he might not be asking and how you can get him to "put a ring on it." Note, I say "he" but it can be men pushing for and women shying from marriage, too.   Why Won't He Propose Marriage? Relationship Tips for Brides-Hopeful

Healthy Children's Car Snacks for Happy Travel

Summer means vacation and vacation means travel. Whether day-tripping or driving cross-country, traveling with kids can be hard. Kids get irritable. Grumpy kids fight more, get on your nerves and may even cause accidents. Adults do too. Usually this stems from boredom, hunger, exhaustion, lack of activity, more than bad behavior. Most travel drama can be minimized by keeping everyone fed. Pack a cooler of healthy snacks to keep them happy. Whether driving, flying, sailing going by rail or bike, these portable snacks travel well. I still pack snacks for my adult kids when we travel together. Better than paying sky-high (pun intended) airport prices. Here's an A-Z car snacks menu that's low sugar so kids don't get wild, low salt so they don't too get thirsty, high protein to fill them up and high fiber so they don't get travel constipation (that's a thing. I used to get it at summer camp). Healthy Car Snacks for Traveling With Kids, From A-Z

Lose Weight, Depression and Shame, Gain Self Esteem

I've lost 98 of the 100 pounds gained after pregnancy loss, depression, menopause and antidepressant drug therapy. The left photo is me summer 2011. Right is me May 2014. I've lost fat and gained many good things: better overall health, food "sobriety," confidence, joy, peace of mind, self-esteem. Here's how losing weight made me a happier, more peaceful person. Lose Weight, Depression and Shame, Gain Self Esteem

Diet Tip, Get off the Scale. Seriously. For Emotional Peace of Mind

I'm just a few pounds shy of my weight loss goal of 100 pounds. It's taken me about two years total, but the weight came off faster in the second year because I understood better how to diet. I just tried on last summer's pants and found I've dropped four sizes since then. Losing weight is as much about emotional as much as physical health.  Diet Tip, Get off the Scale. Seriously.

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