Drug-Free Self-Help for Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Fear

 I sought treatment for what I thought was depression in 1999. Therapy and self-help reading showed I was experiencing panic attacks. I realize I've struggled with anxiety and fear all my life. I've experienced it as mood disorder, anger, OCD, PMS, even bi-polar. I've dealt with it in different ways. Some things, like anti-anxiety drugs didn't help. Here are drug free tips that do.

* Identify the source. Anxiety is generalized, disproportionate fear, says Medicine Net. It's not irrational, but the origin may be unclear and triggers unrelated. Mine stemmed from early chronic stress and dysfunction. Seemingly trivial incidents sent me over the edge. Dig beneath triggers to roots--addiction (yours or someone else's), trauma, unresolved issues, illness (emotional or physical), relationship problems, unmet needs. Drug-Free Anti-Anxiety Tips, Self-Help for Panic Attacks, Fear

Confession is Good for the Soul, Heart, Mind

Alanon teaches us that confession, restitution, even penance, can be good for the soul. That's what the 12 steps are all about. So here's my confession (or one of them).
Most of the time, I'm a together gal. I smile at people who irritate me. I resist the temptation to scream at drivers who cut me off. I return change if I get too much. Nothing special. Just common decency. But I'm known as a fairly nice person.

But sometimes, I just lose it and say something crazy. Nothing really horrible (well, maybe rarely). Usually, it's just foolish or pointy-headed. I have this habit of putting my foot in my mouth. Or I get carried away with my own intelligence and make an idiot of myself. Confession: Sometimes I Really Put My Foot in My Mouth

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