Age and Maturity Determine Fear Factor of Scary Movies

How Age and Maturity Level Determine Which Movies Will Scare People
I have a theory about fear in general and horror movies in particular: the age a person is when they experience any particular 'horror' movie will affect how scary they believe it to be. I believe that maturity and developmental level affect fear.
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Helping Your Kids Avoid Bullies

How to Help Your Children Deal with Selfish Mean Kids
Every children's play group or social club has them. That one family that lets their children run wild. They behave as if their children can do no wrong. These children are hurtful. They don't play nice or fair. And mom is oblivious to them.
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Panic Attacks as Coping and Defense Mechanisms

Panic Attack as Coping and Defense Mechanism for Stress and Crisis
'Existential crisis' refers to experiences of extreme stress or that shake a person's core convictions. In response to 'existential crisis' stress, the mind may go into safety mode. Panic attacks can be defense and coping mechanisms.
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Relationship and Communication Issues: Respond in Love vs. React in Anger

Relationships and Communication: Responding Kindly is Healthier Than Reacting Angrily
We've all seen (or been in relationships) where one person gives most of the positive while the other partner selfishly takes the positive but gives negative. However 'what goes around comes around' doesn't work. Here's why.
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