Curb Holiday Cravings, Christmas Weight Gain with Low Sugar Switches

Tis' the season to be snacking! The holidays are about sweets. But I will be fa-la-la-fatter, if I'm not careful. I can't abstain from Christmas goodies all season long, but I will make simple food swaps to curb my inner Christmas Cookie (Candy, Cake, Pie) Monster. Here are easy, low-sugar holiday switcheroos. Wondering why an article on holiday diet tips is on my emotional health blog? Several reasons. First, when I blow my diet I get depressed. When I get depressed, I sometimes eat more or I eat too much bad stuff. It's a vicious, circular downward spiral. Second, I believe (based on experience and observation) that many holiday blues bouts are caused by not tending to basic needs, like nutrition. Too many holiday sweets and not enough veggues make for emotional meltdowns. So my solution is to control holiday sugar intake. Christmas  depression may not disappear, but it will be easier to manage. Curb Christmas Cookie Monster Cravings with Low Sugar Switches 

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