AMA drug ads ban: Nix consumer prescription drugs ads, cut Big Pharma costs, save patients from self-medicating

You've seen the ads for prescription drugs everywhere--you can't go online, watch TV, listen to the radio or open a magazine without seeing them. Do you ever wonder why Big Pharma would target the consumer with ads for prescription drugs that only doctors can dispense? The American Medical Association wonders that too. In fact, the AMA called for banning direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs, reported the Associated Press on Nov. 18. The AMA drug ads ban urges legislation to nix consumer targeted prescription drugs ads to cut costs. AMA delegates at the group policy-making meeting in Atlanta voted to make the AMA drug ads ban official policy, to make prescription drugs more affordable. The AMA drug ads ban looks to check Big Pharma inflating costs on prescription drugs and medical devices and hopefully curtail patient demands for inappropriate treatment.  AMA drug ads ban: Nix consumer prescription drugs ads, cut Big Pharma costs |

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