How quitting antidepressants healed depression which sparked my weight loss

I've never been what you'd call a confident person. I might give the impression of positive self-image, but it's a mask I where to keep people from seeing how really fragile I am emotionally. But one thing that has boosted my self-esteem is weight loss. I <---lost ----="" 100="" and="" confetti="" dance="" do="" joy="" of="" pause="" pounds="" that="" the="" throw="" to="">

I feel prettier now. Not beautiful--operative suffix pretty-ER. I have also noticed that I have become more self-aware as I gain confidence. I'm more mindful of how I speak and don't babble nervously as much as I used to. Even my writing has improved because I can think more clearly. That's partly due to quitting anti-depressants and switching to herbal, healthier mood management.

St. John's Wort, magnesium, kava kava and B-12 have eased depression so much more than Paxil ever did. And they don't cause weight gain--of which the medical community doesn't warn you--like Paxil and other SSRI. And let me tell you, that IS depressing. So quitting the antidepressant helped me get out of the drug-induced mind fog, see the weight gain clearly so I could lose weight which reduced anxiety, panic attacks and depression which helped me see everything more positively and think more clearly, which get the idea. It's been a

happy spiral up instead of a vicious cycle down. #winwinwin

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