Weight Loss Photo Journal February 2014 Update

I keep talking about how I lost a lot of weight. Currently, I'm down 93 pounds from my all-time high of 234 pounds. I've shared a few photo exposes, but here's the most recent one as of February, 2014. I'll try to do side-by-side shots. Left is of me Saturday, Feb. 1 and right is me at my fattest, July 2011. I hated having photos taken when I was so fat. In eight years, after losing two stillborn daughters and taking Paxil, I had put on 100 pounds. I weighed 110 pounds on my wedding day in 1987. As you might imagine that weight did nothing for the depression. Losing weight has helped a lot, with depression and menopause. Click for more pictures and stats.  My Weight Loss Photo Journey Update February 2014

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