Alanon Slogans to Treat Depression--One Day at a Time

Depression can be a crippling mental health condition. Though it manifests itself differently in different people, one common challenge is with control issues. Depression is often a precursor for addiction, power struggles in relationships and self-control problems.

Even though I've been in recovery for years, I still struggle with bouts of depression. Depression bouts are often triggered by negative experiences--job loss, relationship splits (or just rocky patches), health issues, kids moving away. Since I've hit menopause, I've been in a colossal depression jag. It's so bad that I've considered restarting an antidepressant after successfully weaning 2 years ago. It feels PMS everyday. All this reminds me that I can't quit quitting (the mental health work).

Alcoholics Anonymous and its partner groups Al-Anon, offers many helpful recovery tools. Even if there's no active addiction or codependency going on, Al-Anon is still really helpful. I find the slogans used by AA and Al-Anon, listed Addiction A-Z, particularly useful to heal issues associated with depression. I mediate daily on different slogans. Here are some thoughts on the slogan "One Day at a Time."
Al-Anon Slogans to Treat Depression--One Day at a Time

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