Using Al Anon Slogans to Heal Negative Thoughts, Depression

Depression is a lonely, scary condition. You feel like no one has ever felt like you feel. While I don't know exactly what you're feeling or what happened to cause your depression, I empathize. Depression and I go back a long way. I've tried many different techniques to heal or at least just cope with my it.

About 10 years ago, I tried Al Anon, the companion support group for Alcoholics Anonymous for a drinking issue. I discovered that Al Anon principles were useful for treating a gamut of emotional issues, including depression. See, depression stems from that stinking thinking they're always talking about in AA/Al-Anon. Usually codependency is somewhere tangled up in the roots. Recovery for me requires new self-talk, new I-messages.

Some of the most helpful components of Al-Anon, for me, are the recovery slogans. Addiction A-Z lists a collection of slogans for all different sorts of situations. There are general helpful reality checks and mental health tools, too.  Here's how I use them in recovery. Using Al-Anon Slogans to Heal Negative Thoughts, Depression . If you're feeling despair and you can't find help, get to a meeting. If you can't, check out Daily Remember--one day at a time. This too shall pass--and it will, I promise. 

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